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Breathe Life Into Your Story

Get your professional quality audiobook made quickly, and under budget

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The audiobook market is exploding. 

You want your book available in one of the fastest growing new media markets. Well, you have come to the right place.

For years I've worked with authors and publishers to create market-ready, professional audiobooks much faster and more affordably than traditional audiobook creation studios. 

I offer narration, mixing and mastering, editing, and proofing services-- all in-house! This allows me to be nimble and offer you an exceptional, professional quality audiobook without the expense and hassle of paying separate performers, engineers, and proofers.

Contact me for a consultation, to see my rate sheet, or just to say hi!

Me Reading The Paragraph

What Listeners Are Saying

"[Michael's] narration just blew me away, AGAIN! I listen to A LOT of audiobooks and he brings something unique to the stories he narrates. It feels like, instead of a story being read to me, that my friend has called me up and is sharing with me something that has happened to him. [His] inflection is conversational in a way, so it makes it more real to me"

--Denise Axelrod, Audible Listener

"Fell was thoroughly enjoyable, with easily discernible character voices, good timing, and a nice emotive expression...I'll be keeping my eye out for more of his work in the future"

--Belen, Audible Review

"He's a narrator that manages to create individual voices and convey emotion, as well as adding those little touches included in the dialogue that separates simply reading a book from performing one" --Jovan, Audible Review

"I have been a huge fan of Michael Fell since I first heard his performance in book one of this series" --S. Umphers, Audible Review


Spencer Spears, Author

Working with [Michael] was a dream...Readers raved about his voice. Michael was also extremely easy to work with...excellent communication, always on time, and super responsive to requests and questions. I look forward to working with him again



Joe Lechene,


You gave the perfect voice to my...characters. When the day I publish another book comes, you are at the top of my list to produce it. I still look forward to listening to more of your work...your voice does not disappoint

Jenny Holiday,


Michael's narration is infused with a deep emotion that always feels real, never cloying or manipulative. He is a true talent

-YOung Adult-

A teenage narrator, wrestling with their beliefs


A tender, emotional scene between two characters


A mother describes a job she once had scamming local businesses


An excerpt from a book about the misconceptions surrounding empathy

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