Original Work 

Below are selections of things I've created. Sketch, Theatre, Clowing, Podcasts.

All collaborators are listed in videos.


Funbone Local Podcast

An improvised and edited sketch comedy podcast. You haven't known true insanity until you've listened to the 5 episode run of this off the rails comedy podcast. Featuring a talking raccoon, a Vanna White obsessed father, a bagel loving radio DJ, and a telethon raising funds for a destroyed sperm bank.

Gay Today Comedy Podcast

Gay Today Podcast

Michael and Sara take a deep dive on the gay history and culture they should have learned in high school, but didn't. Turns out Georgia and Wisconsin aren't to accommodating to queer history- so we've set out to fix our ignorance. Won't you join us down this beautiful, strange, and informative queer rabbit hole? You'll find out what 'auntieway' means...